Friday, 1 August 2014

Soft Pink vs Hot Pink

If you know me or follow my blog regularly, you'll know I love pink. I'm primarily a hot pink fan, but I also love a touch of soft pink. Bubblegum pink, barely there pink, blush pink...

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Or hot pink, fuchsia, magenta...

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What about you, are you a pink fan - soft or hot pink?
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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Favourite Finds

I think you're going to love my most recent "favourite finds"... These Thomo & Coach Timber Boxes are super cool. The boxes are hand crafted and designed by Melbourne based company, Thomo & Coach - Anoushka Thompson and Steve Gourlay - and custom painted by Sydney graffiti artist, Roach.

Lea Korzeczek and Matthias Hiller are the founders and creative directors of Danish company STUDIO OINK. One of their specialities is creating customised interior design concepts, and their 'marvelous all-in-one bunk bed' is pretty spectacular. A bunk bed, playground, dressing room and storage space, it features two secret staircases and a lockable trapdoor. The built-in wardrobe is accessible both ways and there is even a pull-out guest bed for sleepovers. Wouldn't this be every kids' dream?! Not to mention an excellent use of space.

Last but not least, have you been to visit my GREAT.LY boutique yet? It's filled with products that I've hand picked from the amazing GREAT.LY makers. I will be regularly adding new pieces, so make sure you keep stopping by. Some of my latest additions...

Bonjour artwork by Xavier&Me

Kite rug by Xavier&Me

Composition 5 Print by Jaime Derringer

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Beach House | Homepolish

Since I first discovered Homepolish, I've been a fan (my first post), and love checking up on their projects for a healthy dose of inspiration. Homepolish works with talented young designers, their aim is to make interior design accessible to everyone.

I was super envious of this gorgeous beach house project - firstly, I love the pared back sophistication and breathtaking location; but also because the homeowner, John, briefed Orlando, the designer and Homepolish's LA Creative Director, handed over his keys and flew back to his house in San Francisco. Orlando was left with a beautiful empty shell in which to create a relaxing retreat for John and his friends. This would be a dream job for me!

Orlando has done a brilliant job designing the layout, sourcing all the furniture, delivery and installation. Colour has been used sparingly and reflects the seaside surroundings. The furniture all has gorgeous clean lines to add to the sense of calm, and the materials used are simply stunning - marble, brass, concrete, and those amazing golden jute rugs.

You know how much I love tiny nooks, and this little work space may be my favourite - so simple, so stunning.

The bedroom boasts the same simple elegance. Such a gorgeous space, if I was John, the hardest part would be packing up and leaving each time. Isn't it fabulous?! To see and read more about this project, pop over here.

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