Thursday, 23 October 2014

My Store Update

I wanted to tell you about a few fabulous new additions to my store. If you don't know about you can read this blog post which explains it all. Just quickly... I have an online store which is filled with products that I love from throughout the website. By visiting my blog I'm hoping that means you have a similar style or design aesthetic to me, so you will love my choices, and all items can be shipped internationally - yay!

I have added some gorgeous artwork - beautiful photography, paintings, and abstracts...

There are some fun new items for your home. I can just see my bottle of bubbles in that pink champagne bucket this summer...

Some of my products can be found in more than one category. I love these bright, graphic cushions which are in my home and kids section...

And these cute canvas bags would be great for the kids' lunch, or yours for that matter, or for storage. They can be found in my kids and my accessorise section...

Pop over and check out the whole store, where you can also find a section for your office, for stationery, and books. I've also added the logo on my right hand panel, click on it and link straight to the store anytime you feel like some retail therapy. I will continue to update it, so check in regularly for new additions.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Summer in a Glass | Rose in Thorns

One of my favourite candle suppliers, Rose in Thorns, asked if I'd like to try their latest product, a soy glass candle. Because I'm of the opinion that you can never have too many beautiful scented candles, I was only too happy to oblige!

Made from natural soy wax, each candle is hand poured, topped with a wooden lid and tied with a soft, natural ribbon. You can rest easy knowing that soy wax is a natural chemical-free, biodegradable and renewable resource. And, when you've finished your candle, you can return the glass to Rose in Thorns to refill. Return four empty soy glass tumblers and receive one free.

The candle comes in two different sizes and a range of delectable fragrances  - rose, frangipani, vanilla, mandarin & mimosa, jasmine & honeysuckle, pineapple & coconut, white tea, carnation, passion, sweet lemongrass, and red raspberry. I chose pineapple & coconut, and it is, quite simply, summer in a glass! I had it burning over the weekend and it filled the house with the most delicious summery scent.

One very important tip I'd like to share... the first time you burn a candle sets the stage for the life of that candle. If you burn the candle for a short time and only have a small wax pool, the dry hard wax around the outside will almost never burn - you'll get what is called "candle tunnelling". You want the wax to melt all the way to the edge, which usually means burning your candle for at least 3 hours. I highly recommend trying these gorgeous soy glass candles, and (as we get closer and closer to the festive season) they'd make great gifts for family, friends, or your kids' teachers.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Summer Cottage in the City

When you look at this beautiful home with it's recycled ceiling beams and white painted floors, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was somewhere in Scandinavia. In fact, it's in Brooklyn, New York! I know, you never would've guessed. Owners, Lyndsay Caleo and Fitzhugh Karol, both grew up in the country, and they designed the house to be an escape from the city. Their home was the first project they worked on together after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design.

What is so impressive is the fact that much of the furniture was made by the couple using mostly salvaged materials. They built the dining room table together; the downstairs couch was made from recycled ceiling beams; the fireplace sculpture from wood scraps; Lyndsay made the mahogany shelves downstairs; Fitzhugh made the island top, the stools, the bed, the stairs, the coffee table, the desk and so much more.

Contemporary pieces have also been mixed in alongside pre-loved items like the 1920's cast iron sink, kitchen lights from an Indian ship, and the old Indian daybed. Lyndsay and Fitzhugh discovered these on their many treasure hunts on eBay, and in flea markets and farms across the Northeast.

This beautiful mix has created a very special home with plenty of soul. You can see why family and friends love to visit and stay. Lyndsay designed the loft bed above the kitchen for guests, but with so many friends wanting to stay, they also had to add a guest bedroom, the "Captain's Quarters", downstairs. The downstairs couch is also made up of two mattresses for more sleepover guests.

A base of Benjamin Moore Super White paint is layered with lots of wood, leather, marble, linen, and soft grey stone to create a beautiful oasis in one of the world' busiest cities. To see and read even more about this home, pop over to Apartment Therapy.

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